Berkeley, California

Berkeley is situated on the east shore of San Francisco Bay in Northern California with the cities of Oakland and Emeryville to the south.

Fun-loving, community-oriented, and independent thinking are all terms synonymous with Berkeley. If you are looking to buy a home in Berkeley, you will be welcomed into a diverse and active community full of free-spirits, intellectuals, activists, and all-around passionate people. The draw to Berkeley doesn't stop with its citizens, as the town's beautiful landscape of rolling hills attracts people from all over the Bay Area to hike, bike, and swim in many parks and recreational areas. Berkeley is also known for a great number of museums and restaurants such as the famous Chez Panisse. Due to the great proximity of University of California, residents can also enjoy a variety of plays, musical events, and lectures.

Berkeley Schools

The high academic standards of the town are also evident in its public school system. The city of Berkeley boasts a high student-teacher ratio of 1:17, and 99% of high school students graduate. 80% of high school seniors go on to take advantage of higher education opportunities, and no doubt a number of these students are headed to some of the excellent public institutions throughout the state. View of the University of California, Berkeley.

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Berkeley Real Estate

Beautiful surroundings, diverse culture, welcoming attitude of the residents, and great investment opportunities are making Berkeley real estate an attractive option for perspective homebuyers. In April 2008, the average home sales price for a single family home or condo in Berkeley was $764,591. While this data is collected from the MLS and deemed reliable, it is not guaranteed.

Poins of interest in Berkeley, California:

- Berkeley Marina - situated west of the Eastshore Freeway at the foot of University Avenue on San Francisco Bay with several restaurants, a hotel and walking and running paths.

- Hearst Greek Theatre - is an 8,500-seat amphitheater hosting The Berkeley Jazz Festival, pop, rock, and many world music concerts.

Berkeley Facts:
  • Area - 17.7 sq mi  
  • Population - 101,337
  • Median income - $51,256
  • Median age of residents - 32 years old